Woman who couldn’t afford full tank of petrol for car wins £300,000 on scratchcard

A woman plagued by a rotten run of bad luck had a sudden change of fortune after scooping £300,000 on the lottery after dashing out to grab some essentials.

Karen Parkin, 51, started playing scratchcards after she stood behind a lady in a shop who won £50,000 on one.

Weeks later, Karen, who gave up her job as a delivery driver after suffering from arthritis of the spine, popped out to buy bread and milk.

While standing in the queue she remembered the woman winner and treated herself to two Cosmic Cash games which cost £3 each.

When she got home she scratched off the panels of one of the cards and discovered she had won the top prize of £300,000.


Karen, of Nottingham, has splashed out on a brand new VW California campervan and plans to treat her mum to a trip to Cairo and the Maldives.

She said: “I was in a newsagent a while back and this lady was in front of me in the queue.

“She asked the assistant to check a scratchcard because she thought she’d won £5,000. She’d actually won £50,000. From then on, I started buying scratchcards and now I too am a winner.

“I also bought two National Lottery Scratchcards then went home, put the kettle on and sat down in the kitchen with a coffee before watching The Chase.

“I scratched the first one and saw that I’d won and just sat there.

“I can’t even remember if I scratched the second one, it’s all a bit of a blur.

“I remember calling my friend Tony and asking him to pop round to help me check it.

“He said it looked like I was a winner, so I called the National Lottery line to claim.

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