BOX Lottery Methods and Rules

BOX Lottery is a fair and equitable lottery game in which results are drawn based on official lottery results. We therefore have no right to influence the result, which is fair.

In order to win in the BOX Lottery game, you only need to correctly predict the final three digits of the lottery’s official number 1 result. We are currently relying our decisions on daily dear lottery vs karela lottery results.

No ticket will be given a prize of Rs 12,000 if your predicted numbers are in the same order as the actual last three digits.

A prize of Rs 3,200 per ticket is also available if you simply guess the numbers but not in the exact same order.

Since the prize is fixed, you are not required to split it with anyone else.

We give users two options when selecting a number.

1. System recommendation: We recommend numbers at random based on the rules, and you can delete the ones you don’t like. After deletion, the system will generate a new number for you. A minimum of 5 sets of numbers is recommended by the system.

2. Enter your preferred number, or a group of numbers. Entering the number on your own does not qualify you for the giveaway.

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