Lottery BOX is a 100% Fair Game which is based on official Dear and Kerala lottery Results ! For lottery BOX Game you just need to guess last 3 digit Number and if the same number came in Final Draw of official Lottery Results you will Get Prize! Currently you can Earn 1st prize to 5th Prizes !

Below are the Prize/Rewards Details :-

1st Prize = RS.20,000/- INR

2nd Prize = RS. 2000/- INR

3rd Prize = RS. 1000/ INR

4th Prize = RS. 400/- INR

5th Prize = RS. 200/- INR

In the process of selecting a Number you can go through with following options

1.) our experts will recommend you Guessing numbers as per the Game rules, if you are not ok with that system recommended number you can immediately delete number and once you delete our system recommends again new set of number ..you will get 5 sets of numbers! if you don’t like any of them then just leave and follow the next option


2.) you can select/chose number between 0 – 9 as per your interest ! please note – if you choose number by yourself you can not participate in the Earn Gift activities !

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